Chicken, olive and preserved lemon tagine

Here’s a favourite special meal that I make in my earthenware baking dish. It’s adapted from ‘Australian Woman’s Weekly, Moroccan and the Foods of North Africa’ recipe book. Tagine recipes are generally interchangeable with enclosed terracotta ovenware. It takes 30 mins or so plus standing time to prepare, and up to 90 minutes cooking time. There’s no need to soak the dish if and when you are adding stock.2 – 3 cups of cooked chickpeas
2.5 – 3 kg’s large chicken pieces ( thigh cutlets and drumsticks are good, but I
use wings too)
2 Tbsp. flour
2 tsp paprika (ordinary or hot)
40 g butter or olive oil
2 med red onions sliced thickly

3 cloves garlic
½ tsp each ground turmeric and coriander
1/4 tsp saffron threads
1 tsp each dried chilli flakes, cumin seeds and ground ginger
2 -3 cups chicken or vege stock (you may want less, very little will evaporate)
2 Tbsp. finely sliced preserved lemon rind
1/3 cup seeded green olives
2 Tbsp finely chopped fresh coriander
Turn oven on to 140 /160 o C. (fan or not).
Put flour and paprika in a bag and shake the chicken pieces in batches to coat with the flour mixture.
On the stove top brown the chicken in batches in the butter or oil. Add the onion.
When softened, add the spices and gently cook until fragrant. . Place these ingredients in the baking dish.
Heat the stock in the pot to remove the flavours and add the stock to the baking dish. Cook in the oven for 30 mins.
Add the chickpeas, cook another 45 to 60 mins.
Remove from the oven stir in lemons olives and fresh coriander just before serving. Serve with rice.


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