Raku Pots

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About Naked Raku firing

The Naked Raku that I am showing on the website is low fired, as is most Raku.This kind of coarse porous clay pot with an unglazed interior is excellent for storing dry goods, such as herbs whole grains and salt.

The process is quite labour intensive, involving 10 to 12 different process from start to finish. Sometimes the pieces are masked, painted and bisque fired several times to achieve the colours and effects that I want. As with all Raku processes these pots are smoked as soon as they are removed from the hot kiln. With  Naked Raku the clay and glaze coating falls off at the final stage.  All that remains are the different coloured clays (some natural and some tinted), that were applied on the raw pot, and carbon from the smoking to add to the decoration.

There can be a fairly high casualty rate with this process as it requires a lot of sometimes firm or risky  handling of the pot in vulnerable states. What I love about it though, apart from the challenge, is the beautiful surface that is possible. Tierra Sigillata gives a lovely ultra smooth, soft, very touchable finish. It’s appearance reminds me of when a pot is first made and is still wet; presenting its newness with a quiet sheen.   I often used to feel that that was the pot at its best and wish that there was some way to recreate that reflected light on a finished piece. Well, I’ve finally  found it with Naked Raku. I’m also finding the ability to allude to ancient processes and decorations very satisfying. I’m appreciating how  necessary it is to be accepting when the hot piece is put into the sawdust: the fire gets the final say on how it will look, no matter how much time went into decorating it.

Buy these pots:

Feather jar 1 15cm H x 16 cmWfeather jar

$170  plus freight.

(Courier $30 for North island)

Feather jar 2 16cm W x 14.5 cm H

$130 plus freight .(Courier $30 for North island)




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