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NZ Potters National ‘Imery’s Tableware Exhibition’

I have 3 Naked Raku jars and 1 chicken brick (featuring a fat and healthy free range chook) accepted in the NZ Potters, Imery’s Tableware Exhibition,   held at Canterbury Museum. It opens 17th May till 29th May. The exhibition is to celebrate and draw attention to the wonderful domestic and other functional ware, made to a very high standard by New Zealand potters, that doesn’t usually get represented in exhibitions that are focused on conceptual art and sculpture.

Decorated’Pizza stones’ and Flan dishes.

med pizza plate 30%

These are great for cooking pizza and flans. cooling food doesn’t ‘sweat’ and go soggy or cause rust on the surface as with a metal tray . The crust separates easily from the porous  surface and the terracotta holds the heat much longer than a metal baking tray. My design has sides of various depths, a decorated rim for easy handling and attractive serving , and a turned base with 3 ‘feet’ to make them lighter and avoid thermal shock. I have a range of sizes from dinner plate size up to 38 cm.